DC Entertainment to offer Limited Hush Jim Lee HC + the “LOST” Justice League Suicide Squad Variant



To celebrate Local Comic Shop Day®, DC Entertainment is releasing two items.

The first is a 1,000 print run of Batman: Hush 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC.   It has no front cover trade dress and new black and white Jim Lee Cover art.

The second item is a “Lost Variant”.   It is a Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1 with cover art by  PAULO PANTALENA.  Print run is 3,000.


Written by JEPH LOEB
Cover by JIM LEE
This special version of the new BATMAN: HUSH Deluxe Edition hardcover
features new cover art by Jim Lee presented in black and white with no
front cover trade dress, limited to just 1,000 copies for LCS Day
partipating stores only!
In this classic tale, Batman sets out to learn the identity of the
mysterious villain known as Hush. But Batman ends up facing the most
intense case of his life as secrets from his past flood into the present!
Guest-starring the Dark Knight¹s greatest allies and enemies, this title
presents BATMAN #608-619, a 6-page segment from Wizard #0 and a 2-page
origin story that originally appeared at dccomics.com, collected as a
Deluxe Edition hardcover for the first time, along with a brand-new cover
by superstar artist Jim Lee!
376 pg, FC, 7.0625² x 10.875² € $49.99 US

Variant cover by PAULO PANTALENA
The debut issue of the smash-hit miniseries that rocked comics shops in
December is back in a special edition with a variant cover by Paulo
Pantalena, available only to LCS Day participating stores only!
The first major event storyline of DC¹s Rebirth era begins with a day
Amanda Waller always knew would come: the Justice League discovers the
existence of the Suicide Squad! This government-sponsored black-ops team
of super-villains with bombs implanted in their brains is obviously a
deal-breaker for Earth¹s paragons of truth and justice! But you can bet
that the Wall and her Task Force X won¹t go down without the fight to end
all fights as this weekly series gets underway!   Print Run is 3,000 units.



Image Comics to release foil version of Maestros #1

Being released the same week as Maestros #2, Image Comics is releasing a UNIQUE foil cover for Maestros #1 for Local Comic Shop Day®.     The title and border will both be foil.

The Maestro and his entire royal family have been murdered. Now, his banished son from Earth will inherit the Wizard King’s throne along with a spell that turns its user into GOD. With enemies everywhere, will this Orlando-born millennial be able to keep his new magic kingdom?

From STEVE SKROCE, the storyboard artist of The Matrix trilogy, the artist and co-creator of WE STAND ON GUARD and Doc Frankenstein, the writer / artist of Wolverine, and the artist of Amazing Spider-Man and ALAN MOORE’s YOUNGBLOOD.

“MAESTROS is a masterpiece, with one of the best first issues I’ve ever read. Steve is somehow an even greater writer than he is an artist. Get ready for your new favorite comic.” -BRIAN K. VAUGHAN


Marvel to offer Planet Hulk in Hardcover for Local Comic Shop Day®



Thor Ragnarok,  in theaters in early November, 2017, will show for the first time planet Sakaar on the big screen.    To tie into the excitement of this movie, Marvel is releasing a special Planet Hulk Hard Cover for Local Comic Shop Day.

With new cover art by Nick Bradshaw, this edition will be the only hard cover treatment of this storyline unless you go up to Omnibus size.

A whole new world of hurt!  Betrayed by Earth’s heroes and exiled into outer space, the man-monster hulk has landed on the distant planet Sakaar, ruled by the tyrannical Red King.   Sold into Slavery, Hulk becomes the Green Scar, the planet’s mightiest Gladiator.

Retailers, you have until September 18th to register at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017


BOOM! Studios Announces WWE Royal Rumble Print and Saban’s Power Rangers Blind Box

We are super excited!   BOOM! Studios has just announced that they are offering two EXCLUSIVE items for Local Comic Shop Day®!  (A WWE ROYAL RUMBLE PRINT and a SABAN’S POWER RANGERS BLIND BOX).   These instantly collectible items will be available in strictly limited amounts—500 units for the print, and 250 units for the blind box.

The beautifully illustrated WWE ROYAL RUMBLE PRINT ($19.99) by artist Brent Schoonover (Generations: Captain Marvel & Captain Mar-Vell) measures 16” x 20” and is the culmination of 12 connecting covers of BOOM! Studios’ acclaimed WWE comic book series. This frameable image features over three dozen Superstars—including The Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Finn Bálor, and many more—as they battle it out in the Royal Rumble match of fans’ dreams.

Each SABAN’S POWER RANGERS BLIND BOX ($99.99) contains a copy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year One: Deluxe hardcover; a limited-edition Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lithograph by Acme Archives featuring one of the Rangers, including rare Green and White Rangers; and two random, limited-edition variant covers from previous Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issues. In addition, 25 random blind boxes will contain copies of the hardcover signed by Saban Brands—Haim Saban (Creator of the Power Rangers franchise), Brian Casentini (Executive Producer, Power Rangers content), Melissa Flores (Director, Power RangersContent), and Judd “Chip” Lynn (Executive Producer, Power Rangers television series)—the company behind Power Rangers.

For more information, please click here.

Retailers, you have until September 18th, 2017 to register at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017.



Sherlock Frankenstein – Local Comic Shop Day® Variant


Mike Allred has completed a special Local Comic Book Day variant for Jeff Lemire and David Rubin’s Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil #1.

Sherlock Frankenstein #1:
Lucy Weber, daughter of the Black Hammer, grew up to become an investigative reporter for the Global Planet. Now she’s on the hunt for the true story about what happened to Spiral City’s superheroes after they defeated Anti-God and saved the world. All answers seem to lie with the dangerous super villain tenants of Spiral City’s infamous asylum. As she gets closer to the truth she uncovers the dark origin stories of some of her father’s greatest foes, and learns how they tie into the puzzle of what happened to Spiral City’s greatest hero.
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: David Rubin
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover: Mike Allred

To read more about this awesome project, read these two articles.

First from Newsarama.


And also this one from CBR.

EXCL.: Meet the Characters of Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil

Retailers, you have until September 18th, 2017 to register at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017.


IDW announces a second LCSD item! Optimus Prime: First Strike #1 Local Comic Shop Day Variant

Optimus Prime: First Strike #1 Local Comic Shop Day Variant

John Barber (w) • Guido Guidi (a) • Paolo Villanelli (c)

With Cybertron under siege by Baron Ironblood’s forces, Optimus Prime and Arcee defend their homeland! Caught in the middle is the human/Transformer team known as the Revolutionaries—and one of them has a secret that puts everyone at risk!

FC • 32 pagesEndFragment    

Limited to 1,000

Retailers, you have until September 18th, 2017 to register at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017.


Local Comic Shop Day Retailer Registration Open

Retailer registration is now open for Local Comic Shop Day® participation, as announced by ComicsPRO, the comics specialty trade association. The event is scheduled for Saturday November 18, 2017, with retailers strongly advised to register now to be eligible to order all LCSD items. 

Retailers can register their stores’ participation at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017.

The registration deadline is September 18th, but early registration is highly encouraged. Limited edition items are distributed in an equitable manner to all fully registered retailers, but early registration gives retailers priority for the allocation of any available extras.Local Comic Shop Day® gives participating retailers the benefit of being able to order a selection of LIMITED and/or UNIQUE comics, graphic novels, and other exclusive collectibles for the event.

Participating LCSD retailers also get:

  • Online access to advertising materials
  • Ability to order special LCSD event printed bags from supplier American Retail Supply
  • Facebook advertising targeting comics and pop culture lovers in their shop’s zip code
  • Direct access to artist/author conference calls that ComicsPRO holds throughout the year.

Local Comic Shop Day® is an event spotlighting locally owned independent comic book specialty stores, celebrating their unique and vital role in being the primary fire-starters of pop culture. The 3rd annual LCSD is November 18th – the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Local Comic Shop Day® also showcases the SHOP LOCAL movement. Studies have shown that when consumers buy from locally owned retailers, rather than nationally owned firms or online retailers, revenue stays local to help with schools, first responders and other community services.

“Local Comic Shop Day® as an opportunity to do more than merely selling limited and exclusive items… but it is that, too. LCSD creates a platform for comic shop owners to show their local community the unique and attractive features of their local comic shop,” said Peter Dolan, President of ComicsPRO. “LCSD is a great opportunity to schedule signings, sales, raffles, cosplay, and tournaments. Local Comic Shop Day® is designed to be every local comic book store’s pre-Holiday open house.”

Local Comic Shop Day® is open to all qualified local comic shops. A Local Comic Shop is defined as a brick and mortar business selling a substantial amount and/or percentage of comics and graphic novels. Qualifying comic specialty shops must be locally owned, not be publicly traded, and not have more than 35 storefronts.

The licensing fee to participate in Local Comic Shop Day is $29 for single storefronts and $49 for multi-store operations. This fee helps to fund the production of the event including promotion, marketing, web design, and auditing.

The first exclusive Local Comic Shop Day® items to be announced are:

  • Valiant Entertainment’s Secret Weapons Deluxe Edition Hardcover. This oversized hardcover collects Valiant’s sold-out, critically acclaimed series and will not be available for sale anywhere else. This hardcover arrives weeks before the Secret Weapons TPB arrives in stores in December.


  • Titan’s Robotech LCSD Kerschl Super-Pack. This item exclusively features Robotech issues #1-4 with all the covers by artist Karl Kerschl, plus a very limited virgin Kerschl variant cover. This item is limited to 700 Super-Packs available worldwide on LCSD. This item has a suggested retailer price of $20. http://localcomicshopday.com/2359-2/


  • IDW’s Star Wars Adventures #1. IDW is offering Star Wars Adventures #1.   This LIMITED edition comic has a 5,000 unit print run


More LCSD exclusive items are to be announced soon.

Retailers, register now at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017



IDW LCSD 2017 OFFERING: Star Wars Adventures #1



For LCSD 2017, IDW is offering Star Wars Adventures #1.   This LIMITED edition comic has a 5,000 unit print run and may be ALLOCATED.

Star Wars Adventures #1
Jim Zub, John Layman (w) • Derek Charm, Eric Jones (a) • Chris Samnee (cover art)
Introducing an exciting new era in all-ages Star Wars comics! Each issue in this monthly series will feature two stories, starring your favorite Star Wars characters from all the films! This debut issue will reveal Rey’s early adventures on Jakku as well as a comical tale of clone catastrophe!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Retailers, you have until September 18th, 2017 to register at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017



Valiant Entertainment is proud to announce that it will be supporting Local Comic Shop Day® 2017 on November 18th, 2017 with a special, limited-edition release of the SECRET WEAPONS DELUXE EDITION OVERSIZED HC – the first oversized hardcover collection of the year’s best-selling independent limited series from Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer (ARRIVAL) and Harvey Award-nominated artists Raúl Allén (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) and Patricia Martin (NINJAK) – to participating retailers!

Collecting SECRET WEAPONS #1-4 with a cover by multiple Eisner Award nominee David Mack (Fight Club 2) and exclusive to Local Comic Shop Day 2017, this oversized hardcover collection of Valiant’s sold-out, critically acclaimed series will not be available for sale anywhere else, and arrives weeks before the SECRET WEAPONS TPB arrives in stores on December 13th.  Find out why Valiant has become the most critically acclaimed publisher in comics today with this can’t-miss presentation of the year’s most celebrated new series:


“*****… SECRET WEAPONS [is] like nothing else on the stands right now… A tremendous highlight for Valiant, and should not be missed.” – Newsarama

“*****… A multi-layered story that will stand among the best of the year… It’s absolutely fantastic.” – Graphic Policy

“*****… Dazzling and unique… This is in the running for the best book that Valiant has ever published – no small feat for a publisher that consistently puts out some of the best-reviewed comics in the industry.” – Comics The Gathering

“*****… Downright genius at times… This is high-quality comics, with art and story coming together beautifully.” –AiPT!

“*****… A charming and exciting superhero comic… SECRET WEAPONS doesn’t sacrifice character development for great action.” – Spartantown

The SECRET WEAPONS DELUXE OVERSIZED HC will feature a beautifully presented, deluxe repackaging of the critically lauded series, and feature more than 20 pages of bonus material including character designs, process art, and more that won’t be found anywhere else! Eric Heisserer – the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of ARRIVAL and Valiant’s upcoming BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER feature films – joins forces with Harvey Award-nominated visionary Raúl Allén (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) here for an all-new Valiant adventure… launching Livewire and an extraordinary new team of heroes into the fight of their lives!

The government has dispatched Amanda McKee – the technopath codenamed Livewire – to investigate the ruins of a secret facility formerly run by Toyo Harada, the most powerful telepath on Earth and her former mentor. In his quest for world betterment at any cost, Harada sought out and activated many potential psiots like himself. Those who survived, but whose powers he deemed to have no value to his cause, were hidden away at this installation. But Livewire, having studied Harada’s greatest strengths and learned his deepest weaknesses, senses opportunity where he once saw failure. A young girl who can talk to birds… A boy who can make inanimate objects gently glow… To others, these are expensive disappointments. But, to Livewire, they are secret weapons…in need of a leader. Now, as a mechanized killer called Rex-O seeks to draw them out, Livewire and her new team of cadets will be forced to put their powers into action…in ways they never could have imagined…

“Comic shops are the heart and soul of the comics industry and play a very crucial role to its continued growth. That’s why we’re proud to continue supporting Local Comic Shop Day’s mission of supporting the brick and mortar storefronts that bring comics to fans nationwide,” said Valiant’s Director of Sales, Atom! Freeman. “Our offering for Local Comic Shop Day 2017 might also be our most ambitious yet with the SECRET WEAPONS DELUXE OVERSIZED HC – a shelf-worthy collection to one of our most successful series to date and one that won’t be available anywhere else. In making this highly collectible item exclusive only to Local Comic Shop Day, it’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the hundreds of retailers who continue to support this industry week after week, Wednesday after Wednesday.”

Local Comic Shop Day® shines a bright spotlight on locally owned independent comic book specialty stores and their role in shaping the pop culture market. This year, Local Comic Shop Day® will be Saturday, November 18th, the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

On Local Comic Shop Day®, participating retailers will have exclusive, and in some cases, limited items debuting from supporting publishers. The goal of Local Comic Shop Day® is to jump start the holiday buying season for storefront comics specialty retailers by giving comics fans more of what they most desire.

ComicsPRO – the trade organization of comic book specialty stores and the organizer of Local Comic Shop Day®, invites all brick and mortar comic book specialty stores to be part of Local Comic Shop Day®. To register, please visit www.comicspro.org/lcsdstore2017

For additional information, please contact ComicsPRO Executive Director Marco Davanzo at marco@comicspro.org.

About Valiant Entertainment:

Valiant Entertainment is a leading character-based entertainment company that owns the largest independent superhero universe in comics. With more than 80 million issues sold and a library of over 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, and many more, Valiant is one of the most successful publishers in the history of the comic book medium. Today, the company’s characters continue to be forged in publishing, licensing, film, video games, and beyond. Valiant consistently produces some of the most critically acclaimed comics in the industry and has received numerous industry awards and accolades, including a Diamond Gem Award for Comic Book Publisher of the Year. In 2015, Valiant announced a multi-picture deal to bring Bloodshot and Harbinger to the big screen as feature films. Visit them online at ValiantEntertainment.com.


Robotech LCSD Kerschl Super-Pack first item announced for 2017 LCSD


Marco Davanzo
(949) 387-9599

November 18th Event to offer Exclusive & Limited Items

(July 11th, 2017) – Local Comic Shop Day®, the day that celebrates the independent spirit of local comic book shops, returns for its third annual event on Saturday, November 18th. Participating Local Comic Shop Day® stores will have exclusive and limited items, including the Robotech LCSD Kerschl Super-Pack from Titan comics.

Robotech, Harmony Gold’s cult ’80s television series, returns for all new adventures by award-winning writer Brian Wood (DMZ, Briggs Land, Northlanders) and artist Marco Turini. The Robotech LCSD Kerschl Super-Pack exclusive features issues #1-4 with all covers by artist Karl Kersch along with a very limited virgin Kerschl variant cover, with a limit of 700 Super-Packs available worldwide on LCSD. This item has a suggested retailer price of $20.

“We’re thrilled to have Titan Comics as the first publisher to announce their LCSD exclusive this year,” said ComicsPRO president Peter Dolan. “Titan delivers great comics and continues to be a good friend to the comics retail community. Look for more LCSD announcements next week during San Diego Comic-Con.”

Local Comic Shop Day® calls attention to the community aspect of local comic book shops. “For so many, the local comic shop has become a part of their family. Local Comic Shop Day® is a chance to celebrate this community dynamic,” said Marco Davanzo, executive director of ComicsPRO. “From engaging events like children’s art contests, artist signings, cosplay photo opps, comic book clubs and the weekly release of new comics all year ’round, your local comic shop is where pop culture begins in your local community.”

Local Comic Shop Day® also highlights the SHOP LOCAL movement. Recent research shows that when consumers buy their products from locally owned retailers, rather than nationally owned firms or online retailers, more money stays in the community. This strengthens local community and keeps money in the local area.

Exclusive items offered during Local Comic Shop Day® will include unique editions of key new releases, exclusive hardcover versions of fan-favorite collections, collectible statues and toys. Please note: some LCSD items will be available in extremely limited quantities.

 For more about Local Comic Shop Day®, please visit www.localcomicshopday.com. Comics retailers are invited to register for Local Comic Shop Day beginning August 1, 2017.

ABOUT LOCAL COMIC SHOP DAY®— Local Comic Shop Day® is directed and implemented by ComicsPRO retailers to put the focus on locally owned independent comic book specialty stores— the fire-starters of Pop Culture!

ABOUT ComicsPRO— ComicsPRO is the comics’ industry trade organization dedicated to the progress of direct market comic book retailers. The goals of ComicsPRO are to help direct market retailers speak with a single, strong voice on important industry issues, to provide educational and mentoring opportunities to current and future retailers, and to offer opportunities for retailers to reduce fixed costs. For more information about ComicsPRO, please visit www.comicspro.org.

Retailers, you have until September 18th, 2017 to register at www.comicspro.org/lcsd2017