What is Local Comic Shop Day®?

• Local Comic Shop Day® is a six-year old event conceived and implemented by ComicsPRO comic book specialty retailers to call attention to locally owned independent comic book specialty stores, celebrating their vital role in being the primary fire-starters of pop culture.

Each comic shop will mark the Local Comic Shop Day® occasion in its own unique way.     Pop Culture begins in your Local Comic Shop!

When is Local Comic Shop Day®?

• Local Comic Shop Day™ is on November 25, 2020.   Please stop by a participating local comic shop to join in the celebration.  Publishers are supporting local comic shops by by offering UNIQUE and LIMITED items.

What items are being offered for sale?

Check out the items coming out on November 25th, 2020.

What stores are participating?

• Local Comic Shop Day® is open to ALL comic stores around the world.  Call your Local Comic Shop to see if they are participating or check our Store Locator to find some stores near you.