Participating Stores

Local Comic Shop Day® is on November 23, 2019.    It’s a day to call attention to locally owned independent comic book specialty stores.

At most stores, you will be able to buy the LIMITED and UNIQUE items, but each store will celebrate the event in its own unique way.  Make plans to visit multiple stores!

Please use the 2019 map to find the stores in your area that are participating.

2019 MAP

The map of this year’s participating stores will be up by October 15, 2019.

2018 MAP (Last Year)

To see the venues that participated last year. on the map, in your specific area: Please enter your city, state, country, or zip code into the dialog box, then click how far away you want to look (in miles not kilometers), and then click on “find locations”.  The website will then show you the locations within the mileage chosen.  In some areas of the country, where there are a lot of storefronts participating, you might have to zoom to the 10 or 25 mile level.  Thank you!

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Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.